Twice i was late with my rent. First time in June of 2015 when my mom passed and i had to travel out of the country for her funeral. Charges were waived as a courtesy. Last month I was again late due to switching bank accts and my direct deposit was not deposited on time to clear my Rent ck for oct. i paid in full with a cashier's ck from my bank the entire rent plus late charges ..almost 2700 dollars on the 7th of oct. This month from 9pm i am trying to pay my rent and found out i was blocked from paying by ck. Bear in mind this late i am unable to get the funds to go to the walmart to pay. i then decided to use my credit card but to my dismay it was unable to go thru. Tried my daughter's cc same result. Tried my debit card same result. At this time i am very upset and frustrated and hoping that when i get to the office first thing in the morning i am hoping that someone will understand and i am not charged another exhorbitant late charge.